Facial Bar

Create Your Own Facial Cocktail.

All of our Facial Bar Facials include a cleanse, exfoliation, mask with LED treatment, and moisturizer. Choose one of the facials below designed to address your specific skin concerns.

1 for $50 | 3 for $135*| 5 for $200*


Cleansing and clarifying

A deep cleanse that eliminates toxins for a well-balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

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Hydrating and refreshing

Repair and hydrate your skin to keep it looking refreshed and replenished.

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Brightening and revitalizing

Firm and smooth your skin to keep it looking and feeling renewed.

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Bar Special

liven up your facial routine

The Facial Bars’ Specialty facial inspired by seasonal cocktails. A new mix is created each month to liven up your facial routine.

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*Package facials are for individuals only & may not be gifted to others.


Enhance Your Nirvana Facial Experience
1 for $20 | 3 for $54 | 6 for $96


Immediately reduce stress and promote relaxation with this scalp massage

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This additional time under the LED panel invigorates skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

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Increases oxygen and blood circulation to visibly plump and firm for smooth, satiny skin.

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Gentle, skin-nurturing extractions help to clarify, while an oxygen treatment soothes and purifies

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Provides a surge of hydration that accelerates the skin cell repair process of an LED treatment.

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A soul- and skin-soothing experience that balances energy levels and elevates your mood using the power of gemstones.

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This Gua Sha treatment will detoxify the skin, reducing congestion, and increasing your glow.

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Extends the facial of your choice to your neck for a more youthful appearance.

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Give Your Nirvana Facial an Extra Boost
1 for $10 | 3 for $27 | 6 for $48


This soothing boost calms and protects to promote healthy and fresh-looking skin.

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This deeply hydrating serum plumps and soften the skin, promoting vibrant and healthy skin.

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This antioxidant strengthens collagen and elastin while it balances, evens, and brightens skin tone.

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This skin nutritious serum reduces wrinkles, redness, and inflammation, leaving the skin renewed.

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This growth serum reverses aging by stimulating new cells and leaving the skin looking renewed and youthful.

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This amino acid boosting serum firms, moisturizes, and brightens while restoring and reforming of the skin.

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This age reversal serum combats the aging process while restoring balance and radiance.

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